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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 233 - Bedmaker

We don't have one bed of every size in our house but it seemed like a good idea to print all of the sizes; here we have Twin, Full, Queen, and King:

Thingiverse link: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:78011

Settings: Replicator 2 on .3mm/low, as usual.

Technical notes, OpenSCAD flavor: Picking up where we left off in yesterday's code, we're back to larger spheres at the corners to make our beds seem comfy. Nothing too interesting here, except that it is good to note that the height parameter in this code does not include the height of the pillow.

// module for making beds ///////////////////////////////////

module bed(depth,length,height){
// mattress
translate(s*[0,0,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,0,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,length,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,length,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,length,height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,length,height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,0,height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,0,height]) sphere(r);
// pillow
translate(s*[0,0,(5/4)*height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,(1/8)*length,(5/4)*height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,(1/8)*length,(5/4)*height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,0,(5/4)*height]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,0,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[0,(1/8)*length,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,(1/8)*length,0]) sphere(r);
translate(s*[depth,0,0]) sphere(r);