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Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 193 - Friday Fail, angel hair edition

It's Friday! Also, this:

I was trying to make a smaller version of owens' Sierpinski tetrahedron model from Day 189, but stupidity got in the way. Specifically, I started the print and walked away before checking to make sure everything was okay. I know that I definitely Should Not Do This, but I did it anyway. Even worse, I also did it earlier in the day in the JMU MakerLab and caused a similar angel hair catastrophe that in that case required some serious cleanup and a replacement of the ceramic tape on the Replicator 2. In short, I was an idiot today, and the universe caught me on it twice. Fool me once...

Lessons learned which I either already knew or should have known but did not heed:
  1. Models don't stick as well on tape as they do on acrylic. (See picture above.)
  2. Models don't stick as well on glass as they do on glass with tape. (At the JMU MakerLab we have a new glass build platform!)