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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 5 - Fractal LED

Most of today's design time was spent tweaking the LEGO marble run piece from yesterday, but that's not done yet so here we will do an easy mashup of two great things: the "2032 button cell holder "by sphynx on Thingiverse and the "Fractal" community shape script by Petr Broz on Tinkercad.

STL file: http://geekhaus.com/makerhome/day5_fractalled.stl
Tinkercad link: https://tinkercad.com/things/ePGqlvSTDxj-day-5-fractal-led
Thingiverse link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:143915

Settings:  The STL file consists of two pieces that must be printed separately. The small square 2032 batter holder was done on MakerWare "low" with no raft and no support in 8 minutes.  The model for the tall fractal part is a solid figure but you can set up slicing that turns it into a hollow shell (print time about 45 minutes).  See below for the details on setting up a custom profile to do this.  After printing, set up an LED with a 2032 battery in the holder and push into the bottom of the shell.  It should fit snugly so that it does not fall out even if the piece is turned upside-down.

Technical notes:  To print the tall fractal shell, make a new "MakerBot Slicer Low PLA Template" and change the following settings (in various places in the profile document):
"numberOfShells": 2,
"roofLayerCount_disabled": 4,
"floorLayerCount_disabled": 4,
"infillDensity": 0.1,
"bridgeAnchorMinimumLength": 0.8,
"bridgeAnchorWidth": 0.8,
"doRaft": true, 
to these settings:
"numberOfShells": 1,
"roofLayerCount": 0,
"floorLayerCount": 1,
"infillDensity": 0,
"bridgeAnchorMinimumLength": 0.3,
"bridgeAnchorWidth": 0.3,
"doRaft": false, 


  1. Are both objects available in separate stl files so they can be printed separately?
    2032 battery holder: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34791
    Fractal Tower: ???

    1. In the Tinkercad link you can download the two things separately if you like, but in the Thingiverse STL file they are together.